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Pastor Dudley Tyng

by Pastor Clinton Macomber

Dudley Tyng

Pastor Dudley Tyng (January 12, 1825-April 19, 1858) was an Episcopal Church pastor in Philadelphia.

He was born to Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, pastor of the large Episcopalian Church of the Epiphany in Philadelphia. Dudley served as an assistant to his father in this church for a short time and then became his father’s successor in the pulpit.

Dudley Tyng was an outspoken, powerful, uncompromising preacher, with great influence on spiritual leaders around him. The members of the church were very unhappy about his forth-right statements and clear stance against slavery. He resigned in 1856 and took his followers and started The Church of the Covenant.

Dudley Tyng

He also began noontime Bible studies at the YMCA. In order to reach more men for Christ, he organized a rally on March 30, 1858. Five thousand men came! During the message the 29 year old shouted: “I would rather this right arm were amputated at the trunk than that I should come short of my duty to you in delivering God’s message.” He was preaching from Exodus 10:11 on the text: “Ye that are men, go and serve the Lord” One thousand men accepted Christ as their Savior that day.

Two weeks later he was visiting the countryside, watching a corn-thrasher in a barn. He moved his hand too close to the machine, and his arm was ripped from its socket. Four days later they had to amputate his arm. As he was dying, he told his old father (the former pastor of the Episcopal Church), to “Stand up for Jesus, father, and tell my brethren of the ministry to stand up for Jesus.”

Pastor George Duffield was stirred by the funeral and preached the next Sunday from Ephesians 6 about standing firm. At this message he read a poem that he had written, having been inspired at the funeral. This has become one of America’s favorite hymns, now being sung by millions. For more on this hymn:



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